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Some words about the „Blackies”…

Alabástrom „Bodygourds” :-)

Black russian terrier in family
It is a watch- and guard dog but first of all he likes his owner, very intelligent and faithful so I recommend for those,
who wants to have a partner. You can keep him both in a flat and in a house because he has an excellent adaptability.
He is very calm so he won’t gnaw away our flat and won’t bark continually except when someone knock at our door.



Behaviour towards foreigns

A well-balanced black russian terrier will never attack us but very distrustful of foreigns. Although he is a very friendly puppy, from his first year he may attack foreigns if he finds the situation dangerous, so it’s very important to obey our
dog for us in any case.

Behavior towards other animals

He is very calm, well-balanced and not aggressive at all so you can keep him together with any dog, cat or other animal.
He doesn’t like to be alone so if you can, buy another dog or animal for him, not to boring when he is alone.

 Zóra & Korál

Alabástrom "meeting"

 Alabástrom Ledogor

Alabástrom Ditmár



He is very calm and well-balanced. He can doze all day long thatswhy you can keep him very well in a flat but when playing comes up, immediately can go to swim, go on an excursion or play with a ball. His appearance is very elegant and highly-respected. He guards your car, flat, house or hotel room magnificent. His intelligence is so marvellous that you have the illusion, that he can understand your speech. If he could do, he would always be next to you.
I used to say: the black russian terrier is the most biggest lap dog. He is very playful in his all life.

Al.Ánya, Zóra

Alabástrom Báska

Al.Fedor” Balu” (5 month)

Amu Darja Báska

Korál and Zóra

Alabástrom Ditmár

Alabástrom Ánya

He can suffer great pains so it’s very hard to notice his pains.According to the veterinary, the black russian terrier can be operated on his own foot.


You have to take care of his fur permanently. You have to braid his hair between the eyes in order to watching, after eat-ing you have to wash and comb his beard and at least every week you have to comb and brush his fur. If you haven’t got
enough time for this or if you won’t go to dog-shows with him, you can have his fur cut short. From September let the fur grow so he won’t feel cold in the winter. The brt’s hair is not falling out and if you don’t brush it, it will become entangled, felted and will have bad smell. Do not let him be neglected because it will cause a lot of problem.

Before brushing and cutting,
and after 5 hour, hard work…

This is the same dog!!!!


The Black Russian Terrier is a big, robust dog, with strong bodily structure and a good nervous system. They are rescue-, working- and family-dogs well knowing their power. They can be used universally because of their well balanced character and excellent, quick perceptiveness. The dog shows extremely fast rising activity and active defense-reactions. The BRT has a heavy skeleton with well proportioned bodily structure and powerful physical strength. To the heights of the withers of a male dog 100:103, female dog 100:105. The body is covered by hard, wiry, tight, close lying, wavy hair. The “beauty” hair is well developed and forms on the head the downhanging hair of eyebrow and beard. The front legs up to the shoulder and the back legs up to their shoulder are protected by long, robust hair. Their colour is black or black with some gray hairs. The head is proportional long and harmonic, not too wide at the skull-area with round cheek-bones. They have well distinct eyebrow-arches and a flat forehead. The flews are thick, black and close lying. The nose is black and big. The ears are applied high, hanging, not too big and triangle formed. Eyes are dark and have an oval form. The teeth are strong, white and even to each other. The breast is long, wide and deep with a little bit convex rips. The forebreast is a bit before the shoulder joints. The bottom line of the thorax is in one line with the elbow. The stomack is rising from the inside of the breast. The withers is 1-2 cm higher than the backheight. The back is strong, straight, wide and muscular. The tail is high applied, thick and short cut off. The front legs are parallel and straight to each other. The elbows are facing strongly backwards. The shoulder is very muscular. The backlegs are straight and parallel, too and their position is a bit wider than the frontlegs. Pows are big, good closed and round convex in the ball. Their motion is brisk, harmonic and free. The light trot and gallop are the characteristic gait.


If you want to buy a russian black terrier, you need to know, this dog is first of all a partner. After that bodyguard and guard dog. This gigantic size dog is full with soul, and in his center stands his owner. That is why forbidden to close them out of the house.This breed can stay in a country house our in a flat, in the warm our in the cool. There is one thing what
he wants: beeing with you. But never forget when you see this lovely bear, he is a bodyguard. He will defend you if he feel something is dangerous for you. You can buy BRT if you need very very mutch love.:) If you have other animals don’t worry, your BRT will love them too. But do not buy BRT if you haven’t got time to brush his hair!. This hair is very elegant, but it needs to be brushed and cutted.

I used to say: there are dogs, dolphins and there is the black russian terrier.
I wish You to experience it too!!

Lilla Takács .

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