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Some words about us…


In 1990 I finished the Agricultural University and in this year I saw the first time russian black terrier. I haven’ t known
anything about this breed before, but it was love at first sight. This feeling is getting stronger day by day, because the
russian terrier is a marvellous breed.
My first dog was Amu-Darja Báska. I bought her in 1992. Our kennel was found in 1994, when the first litter was born.
From this litter I choose Alabástrom Ánya. She proved her excellent genetic background with three litters. From 21 pup-
pies 12 won Champion title. Our black terriers, who are living free around our house.They are allowed to enter the house any time, so we are living together with our dogs. Characteristic feature of our dogs : good bony system, elegant head, dynamic movement and what is more importent stabil balanced nerves system and magnificent temperament. We keep our newborn puppies for 4-5weeks in a house and after it, we put them into heated kennel. Until the day, while our puppies got to new owners, we spend hours in a day to care with their socialization. This estabilish they future improvement and relation with their milieu. From thisfollows, that our puppies are very relaxing, balanced and human friendlies.


All our puppies are sold just as indoor dogs. We stay behind our dogs we sell, welcome any questions and stories about them. We visit our puppies regulary and we help, if it’s necessary. In 1997 our kennel, Alabástrom has got the master-
breed title after the victories of the puppies in Hungary and abroad. In 1999, 2000, 2001, the kennel Alabástrom
has won the title „Breed of the year” in Hungary.

Here I need to say Thank You to my Mother, who give me a lot of help around my dogs, for 18 years!


with her schapendose            my Mammy!              with Koral at 70 years old


From 2002 I'm an FCI Judge in Newfoundland, Russian terrier, Schnauzer and Central-Asian shepherd dog breeds.


The black russian terrier A lot of people take the black russian terrier for schnauzer, giant puli, black komondor or for
a wanderer bear, but the best was an old man who showed proudly to his wife a black russian terrier and said:” look at, mum, it’s a giant foxi.” Well, in these case the owners try to inform the person about the breed, frequently with few success. But one thing is certain: this huge, reminiscent of a bear, calm dog enthrall every passer-by with his noble appearance. I related a lot of people about the attribute of this breed but no one believed me. I’m a dog trainer among others so I exactly know that if someone buy a black russian terrier, after a month he or she will believe me. Or rather will know that this dog is a miracle.

So if you are interested in this lovely breed or you are a BRT fan, we
will glad, if You write us!

Lilla Takács
FCI Judge, masterbreeder and trainer

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